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In February of this year, manufacturing face masks and facial coverings was not what we thought we would be doing. Our company, Quaker Chroma Imaging, is a manufacturer and printer for the trade show graphics industry. We have a team of expert sewers and designers who create amazing displays out of fabric. Come March, like a lot of businesses, we suddenly had to lay everyone off when business stopped due to the virus.

At this time the head of our sewing department started making masks for friends and family. Starting with several friends in the healthcare industry, she designed a comfortable, face mask made out of several layers of high-quality cotton fabric with pockets for additional filters. This allowed them to be washed and re-used. Make shift filters such as vacuum cleaner bags or coffee filters were being used.

Quakers ability to print, design and sew these high quality masks gave us the opportunity to serve the community as well as hire a good portion of our staff back. Our ability to print on fabric gave us the flexibility to create masks that are a little more interesting than a print or solid. Having these fun prints may make it a little easier to get children to wear them or at least give a little levity to an other wise horrible situation.

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